The helplessness that the family feels in not being able to do anything, to see them slowly but surely grow weaker and slip out of your grasp is the hardest thing I’ve ever undergone.  And when the young boys and girls developed this leukemia, dropping off like flies, a regular epidemic around here, nobody seemed to know.  They were holding three or four funerals a week and that’s a lot for a small town like this.  If the government had informed us, if there had been any information of the danger when they started this testing, if they had just said one word, I would have gotten out of here so fast it would make your head spin.  The leaders of the Department of Energy and Defense looked upon the people of Utah and Nevada as expendable.  “We’ve got to conduct these tests, so if a few old Mormon farmers get killed, so what?”  They just kept saying, “Don’t worry, there is not danger, there is no danger.”

Issac Nelson, December 1983, Cedar City Utah, excerpted from Gallagher’s American Ground Zero: The Secret Nuclear War

one more re Lucky Island #4 from a few days ago

I don’t buy the “If Four goes that’s it: the world as we know it ends.  It will be an overnight extinction event.”

Why is it that when Three blew sky-high most discussion of its deadly cargo suddenly went mute?  Not that it is necessarily true, but somewhere on this blog, I posted the NYT article that says this

vertically ejected a lot of Three’s spent fuel rods and they landed around the site, and probably some going into ocean.  Three was the MOX-fueled monster and aside from Jim Stone who is asking “Where is Unit 3’s reactor?”

I think it more likely when Four goes its payload will just add to Earth’s increasing amounts of “low-level radiation”, and thus will further everyone’s chances of having deformed children and will also increase our chances of coming down with cancer and other nasty life-threatening diseases in the years ahead.   There is no escape because Earth is one.

At an accelerating pace, humans are doing everything they can to wipe themselves out.  When the controllers are ready and willing to kill their own children–employing the Samson Option, applicable not only to Israel’s nuclear stance–you know our chances of long-term survival are getting slimmer.

I don’t recommend a visit to Tokyo Disneyland.   Until further notice, if you wanna be happy, go to Orlando, Anaheim, Paris or Hong Kong.