When the Teleprompter Messiah, then Senator Barry Soetoro, became Democratic Nominee four years ago, the first highly symbolic thing he did was to genuflect to AIPAC because Lord Rothschild’s Israel owns and operates the Usurious Soviets of Amerika.   When he because President, Mr Soetoro’s first highly symbolic staff pick was the dual citizen Israeli, Rahm Israel Emanuel, now the Mayor of Chicago.

Israel’s Mossad orchestrated the false flag event 9-11 in order to further militarize the already militarized Amerikan mind into subscribing to yet more wars for Israel.  A Pearl Harbor event was needed and physics-defying plastic boxcutter-wielding phantom Jihadists did the job.   That Ehud Barack appeared on the BBC hours after the attacks

and called for an Amerikan-lead attack on Israel’s enemies (“rogue states”), without proving Uncle Bin carried out the attacks, is highly suspicious behavior.

The former Land of the Free is now the home of the Super-Sized police state in which Thomas Jefferson’s Constitution is the nation’s official ass wipe.   Barry & The Boys can now disappear or kill you at will–and there ain’t nothing you can do about it.  Whereas you thought you were free once upon a time, you are now under control, control and more control.   The aim is to turn you into, in case you already aren’t one, a happy Big Mac munching, entertainment and debt addicted lab rat.

Chicago Mayor Emanuel has turned the Windy City into a high-tech Gaza, with the general dynamics of the joint being an affair of the Crown.

What’s it feel like, Chicago, knowing that you are now Palestinians?

Is the next major false flag–not one of those dime a dozen hearsay “suicide bombings”–this year, 11 years after 9-11?