Yesterday the Usurious Soviets of Amerika celebrated its 236th birthday.

236 is a noteworthy number because 2 x 3 x 6 = 36

666 is the sum of 36 so all 666 lovers and haters out there might watch out for that next big false flag this year.  666, besides, is the 36th triangular number, and, this year London hosts the Olympics for the third time, the first city to do so.

2 + 3 + 6 = 11, as in the Twin Towers, as in 11 years since 9-11.

9 x 11 = 99, as in, arguably, the real age of the Usurious Soviets of Amerika, because its present slave status really got into high gear when President Wilson handed total power over his once independent country to that German-Ashkenazi immigrant, Rothschild agent extraordinaire, Paul Warburg–Daddy Warbucks.

Abraham was circumcised at age 99 and in this much talked about year, is Amerika in for a little surgery?

Who knows and time will tell.

Did you know that the voice of the American Revolution, John Adams, and the pen of the same, Thomas Jefferson, died precisely 50 years after the Declaration of Independence, i.e., on July 4th 1826?   Suggests divine intervention, a reminder from Above, the country, the land that once had such promise and hope, had the highest blessing.

Not anymore.  Which is why Les Visible’s new Usurious Soviets of Amerika Constitution is timely.  For Amerika today is a bloated and disgusting totalitarian debt-addicted war-mongering self-destructive disease.   It’s amusing how so many Amerikans are still in total denial over this fact.   All the vaccines, the fluoridated tap water, the chemtrailing, the UN propaganda, the 8 hour daily doses of television, the SSRIs and trans fats, the trips to Disneyland and the freedom-seeding bombings of Iraq and Afghanistan, and much more, have rendered Amerikans into the absolute morons Visible refers to in this rant, including a modern update of Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address.

And all of the above is done for the benefit and amusement of the that once great nation’s current master, ruler and absolute controller, Lord Rothschild’s Israel.  Ladies and gentlemen, 29 standing ovations please.

In the past week, this

video has stood out because it clearly shows how wretched is the state of the Usurious Soviets where every 53 cents of every tax dollar collected by the illegal IRS serves Daddy Warbucks.  Amerika is still paying interest on the loans, made outta nothing with YOU as collateral, for WWII.  Jubilee for Liz 2 but none for the Usurious Soviets’ pee-ons.

Looking forward to Patrick reading this outstanding Visible rant.