The outrageously named “Monju” (a Monju is bodhisattva of supreme wisdom) is getting ready to start her Earth-despising, in-lust-with-plutonium black hole taxpayer-funded Russian roulette machine.  

If you think there are no conspiracies in the world, when anyone with a scintilla of brain power can see them in front of her face, you must be the product of a UN-sponsored education, and, no doubt you watch TV.  

Kevin Kamps, on Dave Duke-hating Thom Hartmann’s show, last year, provides some “Monju” background-

That “3.3 tonne” object was finally retrieved on 23 June of last year.


Ryan with a description of some of Akuma’s (I’ll henceforth call “Monju”, “Akuma”) dirty dealings.