And the running form, naked, Blake,

Shouting, whirling his arms, the swift limbs,

Howling against the evil, 

                  his eyes rolling, 

Whirling like flaming cart-wheels, 

                  and his head held backward to gaze on the evil

As he ran from it,

                   to be hid by the steel mountain, 

And when he showed again from the north side; 

                    his eyes blazing toward hell mouth,

His neck forward, 

                    and like him Peire Cardinal.

Ezra Pound excerpt from Canto XVI

A massive police operation in Weeford this morning over some bus-riding pee-on sucking his e-fag.  

And you do know, don’t you, that Peter Power staged terror drills–I bet with ICTS–on 7/7 that exactly replicated what actually took place on that day 7 years ago, including the same times!   Purely coincidental no doubt.

Your sword, Albion, fell asleep in your hand centuries ago, and 1922 (the big one is 1694) was a decisive modern shapeshifting year for you, for it was in that year Lord Northcliffe was egregiously declared insane and died of “ulcerative endocarditis”.  The Times’ and BBC‘s “objectivity” then went over a precipice and have remained there since.

Usurious nuclear powered, genetically modified, totalitarian world government, starring phantom cavemen Jihadists, now playing at a theatre near you.

Bloody fuckin’ hell!  Beckham’s been snubbed!