File:Sirius A and B Hubble photo.jpg

Is the Heliofant logo mystery solved now?  

In the previous posting, I, Pet Goat II, you immerse yourself in the most stimulating 07:28 ever on YouTube.  Horus/Christ riding the Anubis Boat at the end of the film seem headed* for the Sun behind the sun, Sirius, the Dog Star, because the now crumbling Giza Pyramids represent the Belt of Orion, and that, in turn, is known, among other things, as pointers to Sirius from our perspective, here on Planet Rothschild.   Besides, look closely, there’s the tiny dwarf Sirius B at 11:00.

The Great Pyramid of Giza is Earth’s greatest building, and also its oldest.  When that crumbles, symbolically or otherwise, as in I, Pet Goat II, all that you have known about everything vanishes, and if you continue on your journey up the 33 vertebrae of your spine (or the 33 years of Christ’s life), you will find the Light–no matter what happens here on Earth.

*Or at least absorbing and losing all psychological barriers between here and there.