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As Abe Foxman says, Amerikan Jews have no more influence in the Land of the Free than, say, Jamaican Amerikans, or Laotian Amerikans.  Besides, there are no MOX-fueled interest-bearing conspiracies on Planet Rothschild, above all, a Jewish one–and anyone who thinks so is committing a hate crime.

In the Land of the Free, like nowhere else on Planet Rothschild, everything is upfront, and criminals are held accountable to the people.  The political system in the SSRI-enhanced Usurious Soviets of Amerika is the world’s freest, fairest flower of liberty, and the fact Amerika finally has a peace-loving half-white communist President speaks 29 volumes about that nation’s love of all things decent.

Finally, to Heliofant, the maker of I, Pet Goat II, why is the Statue of Liberty sitting on a hexagram, when everyone knows it sits on an uneven hendecagram?   Is it suggesting Israel owns and operates the Usurious Soviets of Amerika?   Don’t these guys know Israel’s attack on the USS Liberty was a tragic mistake?  And please, don’t ever Google “Christopher Bollyn”–he says things Dave Duke ain’t allowed to say.

Statue of Liberty scene from 02:27.