During the northern hemisphere’s cold months (at our current stage of the 25,920-year-long precession of the equinoxes), Sirius is one the easiest astronomical objects to locate.  Find Orion and follow his belt down and to the left until you bump into an unmistakable bright star–Sirius in the heart of the Big Dog, Canis Major.  

How did the Dogon of Mali know that Sirius not only has a white dwarf companion, Sirius B, invisible to the naked eye, but also another even tinier companion, Sirius C?  The existence of C is still up for debate in modern astronomical circles, but the B has been confirmed.  

And is the mystery of how the Dogon knew about at Sirius B and C connected to a possible alien link and the Pyramids?  The Dogon, after all, trace their lineage to ancient Egypt, and the first thing that comes to mind is the mystery as to how any group of humans could have built the Great Giza Pyramid.

As people lie on their deathbeds, recalling their lives from the beginning to the present, I bet a lot of them see images of Sirius in the nighttime sky as children, adults and old timers.  How can you avoid it, it being so brilliant and beautiful?  Is human DNA derived from that star?   Is Sirius the Sun behind the sun?