China will soon rendezvous with reality.  If you have ghost malls and empty apartment blocks in many places of the country and no indications of them being scooped up anytime soon, the situation you face would be like what Jon Krakauer writes about in Into Thin Air, an account about the disastrous 1996 Everest expedition.   Those dark clouds coming down the valley don’t look very polite.   Rob, Scott, might wanna climb the mountain another time.  How ’bout heading back to base camp?

Not mentioned in either of the two reports below, is China’s lust for self-destruction.  It is doing everything to gloss up its inferiority complex to the West and Japan by building more and more giant phalli, dams, nuclear power stations and toxic chemical factories all over the once proud and very civilized nation.   The Baiji  won’t be purchasing condominiums anytime soon because there ain’t any left: they’re extinct.

Short seller, Jim Chanos, explains his bearish view on China (06:21-10:51) –