2 August 2012 Update: As you can see William has deleted the original panhandling video as well as his response to his critics.  He’s replaced all the controversy with this footage of the recent Venus Transit.  Enjoy.

William Milberry and his Japanese wife have decided to leave Japan for good because of the ongoing eruption of Volcano Fukushima.   They live in Fukuoka-Kitakyushu, a metropolis with an excellent reputation among expats.   I think they’re making a big mistake by deciding to move to the Totalitarian Soviets of Amerika (TSA) at this stage.  But, William and his wife are free to do whatever they want — until they deal with the TSA.

In William’s latest Fukushima-related video (above) he asks for donations from the viewing public to help him and his other half move across the big pond to settle in the Obamanation.   And, meanwhile, over at the anal-retentive Japan Probe, this has caused a much-ado-about nothing tempest, as you can see for yourself here http://www.japanprobe.com/2012/07/11/more-questionable-online-fundraising-american-living-650-miles-away-from-fukushima-wants-to-flee-japan/.

Is William morally reprehensible for asking for a bit of change?  Maybe, maybe not.  Quite frankly I couldn’t give a fuck.  I think Milberry’s overreacting now–Seattle and Vancouver are arguably more dangerous than Fukuoka–but he’s made some informative and interesting videos about Lucky Island this past year, and for that I thank him.  He’s making more, as a JET, than someone working at 7-11 or some guy just off the boat slaving away at ECC or Nova, but nowhere near the amount of money he could be making playing ball for the Softbank Hawks, so I don’t see a problem asking for a bit of help.  Perhaps he’s still paying off Lord Rothschild on his student loans, and even if he is a little duplicitous, so what?  This is the Kali Yuga.

The Japan Probe and its readers should be searchlighting other assholes, much bigger ones, like JPMorgan’s Jamie Dimon (see post from a few days ago).  The banksters ask their sex slave political connections in their respective nations’ capitals for donations to cover their losses and to pay for fatter bonuses.  Where is the ruckus at Japan Probe, or anywhere else, over Morgan’s latest taxpayer-funded $14 billion corporate welfare check?

The Bush-Obomba Bankster bailout is, figures from a few years ago show, $24 trillion http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0709/25164.html* Over the years, this blogger has gone over many such examples.  As Les Visible writes http://www.smoking-mirrors.com/2012/07/road-of-ignominy-and-lords-of-parsimony.html in his latest, the banksters are problem number one for this bankster besieged Planet Rothschild — and not some guy in Fukuoka wanting a few shekels for his trip back home to the TSA.

How many Amerikans are pissed-off about paying 53 cents of every (illegal) tax dollar to Daddy Warbucks?   Do you know what Donald Rumsfeld told the world on September 10th 2001?   I’ll give you 2.3 trillion chances to find out!

Correct me if I’m wrong, but the Price-Anderson Act is the foundation for nuclear power everywhere being able to bamboozle the taxpaying public into donating at its altar to Lord Thanatos.  Insurance brokers won’t go near nuclear power because they know when things go wrong, such as at Chernobyl and Lucky Island, you’re trapped in a black hole.  So, the pee-on taxpayers donate.

Japan Probe – where is the outrage?

*Also check out this from a couple of years ago –

Well, OK, while we’re retrieving from the archives, here’s another one of The Best of Dylan Ratigan, re Dick--I don’t use computers nor does my Blackberry open attachments–Fuld –


William is right to be worried about various cities in Japan electing to incinerate radioactive Tohoku debris.  Here in Kyoto, none has been burned yet, even though the city government has decided to “test” burn some of it at three sites.  

In my mind there is no escape, especially here in the Northern Hemisphere, from all the toxic crimes man commits against Mother Earth.  Mr Milberry will not necessarily escape radiation damage in the TSA.  The toxic effects of the 1000 plus nuclear “tests” at the Nevada Test Site will continue for thousands of years.  

FIG. 12: ATMOSPHERIC WEAPONS TESTING FALLOUT 1952-63 The radiation fallout map from “Under The Cloud: The Decades of Nuclear Testing”, illustrates the effects of 1200 nuclear weapons tests conducted at the Nevada Test Site. The U.S. Government admitted in November, 2002, that every person living in the United States between 1958 and 1963 was exposed to fallout from nuclear weapons testing. The United States now has an epidemic of radiation related diseases: cancer, heart disease, autism, diabetes, Parkinson’s Disease, Lou Gehrigs (ALS), asthma, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, hypothyroidism in newborns, obesity, and learning disabilities. One out of 12 children in the United States is disabled. Source: R. L. Miller, “Under The Cloud: The Decades of Nuclear Testing” (1991). D.V.Conn “U.S. Counts one in 12 children disabled”, Washington Post (6 July 2002). Reproduced from the 3 Feb 2012 transcript for the interview “Fallujah, Fukushima, and the Global Radiation Catastrophe” by Dr. James Fetzer with Dr. Chris Busby and Leuren Moret.