The world’s leading international security solutions group–G4S Homepage

G4S has got a £284m contract to provide 13,700 guards, but only has 4,000 in place. It says a further 9,000 are in the pipeline.–Guardian, 13 July 2012

G4S & Israel

As always, I don’t necessarily fully endorse any of the people appearing on the YouTube videos I blog for the latest show ‘n’ tell.  OzBoy has some interesting opinions but they are his and don’t necessarily reflect those of the KO.

That said, many in the conspiracy universe wonder when the next big false flag will strike.  The upcoming London Olympics is frequently mentioned and with G4S being understaffed by 9000 people with just a couple of weeks before the Games start, it seems the perfect excuse to overlook any possible breach of security in the days ahead on London Town.  

Hey guys, we tried our hardest, but the Muslims terrorists of this world are determined to make the free world submit to their totalitarian ways, and will do all they can to exploit every slight security chink in the West’s armor.  We must now take up arms again and destroy Iran and all other rogue states.    

Lord Rothschild, the Man Behind the Curtain, the guy who needs perpetual warfare to keep his usurious black magic act functioning smoothly, seeks to revitalize the totally manufactured War on Terror.  A false flag, to be blamed on Iran, and other so-called rogue states, is necessary to reignite the West’s engineered hatred of Islam.  

London is the first city to host the Games three times.   Some think the Square Mile, the City of London, controls the world, and in this much talked of year, 2012, what better target would there be but the Olympics?  

I hope the above is nothing but idle speculation.  I hope G4S does a great job of securing the upcoming party in London, a city everyone should visit at least once.   But Team Usury’s war machine is eager to go again big time.  Iran is the main target, and another 9-11 style false flag would come in handy for the general dynamics of the war machine and the Crowns of this world who control it.

Pray for the safety of London.