Earth was supposed to have received a massive blast of solar radiation yesterday that some predicted would screw around with terrestrial telecommunications and people’s psyches.  Didn’t notice anything unusual, here in Kansai, except for the reappearance of the fissioning Friendly Atom on the idiot box.  Kansai Electric (KEPCO) now has an ad on the telly informing us Oi nuclear power reactor, Number 3, is back online, and, we are reassured, everything is under control–all for the benefit of Kansai and Japan.  

But back to the Sun.  

The Sun and Moon appear to be the same size from our perspective here on Earth.  However, while the Moon’s diameter is 2160 miles, the Sun’s is 864,000 miles.   1.3 million Earths could fit in the Sun.  

Which means, anyone who demonizes carbon dioxide, the gas you exhale, the stuff plants eat, is either brainwashed, courtesy the UN, or has a UN agenda.  The Sun is the main driver of climate change on Earth, not CO2.