The Israeli influence in films and news media has profoundly affected the quality of news reporting and entertainment. Israeli attitudes and ideas are now disseminated through national media outlets which reach the entire U.S.population on a daily basis. Israeli-made films often reveal hints or clues about actual crimes or criminal plots the Israeli producers are aware of. 

One such project, The Lone Gunmen, produced by [Arnon] Milchan’s “best friend” Rupert Murdoch, bore an uncanny resemblance to the 9/11 attacks on the World TradeCenter. Was this Milchan’s influence?  The Milchan-Murdoch partnership in television production may be key to understanding the genesis of the plot of the pilot episode of this short-lived television series. In the first episode a passenger airliner is hijacked by remote control and flown toward the World Trade Center. Disaster is narrowly averted at the very last second by over-riding the computer program that has hijacked the plane. 

The Lone Gunmen, produced by Rupert Murdoch in 2000, revealed an extremely uncanny prescience of 9/11. During the year it was made, Milchan produced two television series in collaboration with Fox Television:  Roswell, which aired on Warner Brothers network, and Malcolm in the Middle, which was aired on Fox.  The Lone Gunmen pilot episode aired on FOX Television in March 2001. 

Given the long, close, and extensive collaboration between Murdoch and Milchan, it seems fair to ask: Was Arnon Milchan the source of the plotline for The Lone Gunmen?  Why were the people involved in the production of this episode not investigated by the media? Why did the media ignore its own uncanny prescience, The Lone Gunmen episode, which mirrored reality precisely six months later?  Was the similarity between the Murdoch-produced show and reality too close for comfort? Was it too uncomfortable to discuss the origin of the idea for the show?  Apparently so. 

Christopher Bollyn, Solving 9-11: The Deception That Changed the World, Chapter VIII

Zeyeon has hijacked the original spiritual symbolism of the eye atop the pyramid.  Such is the nature of our perverted times.  Monsanto, the holy mountain, wants to patent every seed on Earth to totally control what you eat.  Over here in Japan, Monju, the bodhisattva of supreme wisdom, wants to re-start its mission to destroy Kansai and the rest of Japan.  Likewise, the omnipresent all-seeing eyes on the streets of London tell you the one world totalitarian government is already here.  It just needs another catalyst to mobilize the pliable pee-on mind and reignite its hatred of Eyeran for the benefit of Zeyeon.

Eye doubt there will be a major false flag during the 2012 London Olympics but you never know.   G4S, London Olympics “security” provider, as the Guardian writes, is having a gas of a time meeting the terms of its contract.