29 July 2012 Update: William has deleted his response, as well as the original panhandling video that got Japan Probe hungry for blood.  Enjoy the Venus Transit.

On July 13th, three days ago, I ranted about Japan Probe and many of its readers attacking the man who speaks in this video.  I argued that those guys should take their searchlights and probe real assholes.   The banksters of this world regard Japan Probers, William Milberry, you, me and most everyone else, not part of their team, as expendable useless eaters, meant to be preyed upon, and used as cannon fodder in their wars of utter destruction.  The UN’s Special Agency, the IMF, is a particularly loathsome organization full of real assholes the Japan Probe should spend some time medically examining.  Its current head likes to lecture the world about paying taxes, and no doubt will promote the soon-to-be-imposed global carbon tax–but she herself doesn’t pay any taxes, as you can read for yourself here http://www.guardian.co.uk/business/2012/may/29/christine-lagarde-pays-no-tax.