All is too little that the world can give.

Its power and knowledge are the gifts of Time,

And cannot satisfy the Spirit’s sacred thirst.

Sri Aurobindo, Savitri

Eye gnow, eye gnow…eye’ve already put this video up, 12 days ago or so.  But eye haven’t said anything about it yet aside from speculating the star at the end of the flick, as well as the Heliofant logo, refer to Sirius and its companion Sirius B.

Eye think advaitist gnostic philosopher-cum-political commentator, Louis Lefebvre, outta Montreal, or thereabouts, and this, his seven and a half-minute animation, is the most powerful work of art eye’ve seen in a long time.   This highly symbolic piece summarizes the Kali Yuga mess we are in today and the only way out – the Heart.

We start barcoded 666 and Boxed-in at Camp FEMA.   The hive mind thinks goats, Satanism and Baphomet .

Eye haven’t read Eliphas Levi’s  Transcendental Magic yet, but it’s on my Amazon Wish List.

We next meet the demonic Man Behind the Curtain, or at least his hands (those of Drako?), the hands operating behind the charade called the left-right dialectic, in the Usurious Soviets of Amerika, currently starring the Teleprompter Messiah and Mitt Romney.

For those who don’t get the classroom reference, check this out   On the morning of 9-11, Boy Bush was at the Booker Elementary School in Sarasota, Florida.  He participated in a reading class where he read My Pet Goat.

Mr President, Israel is attacking Liberty.  Saratoga’s Captain Tully has scrambled 12 F-4 jets.

Andy, order Tully to recall those planes right fucking now!   Total stand-down – do you get it?  We don’t want to frighten the children and ruin a profitable relationship. 

OK, Mr President, we’ll pull it.

Democracy is an illusion to bamboozle the pee-on taxpayer cannon fodder of this world.  Ever wonder why nothing changes with every new face in the White House or its equivalent worldwide?  Now you know: all parties, including Ron Paul, are bankster marionettes.  Vote Benjamin Disraeli.

The classroom’s chessboard floor and the pentagram spotlight refer to the Illuminati-Freemason-B’nai B’rith controllers of this GMO-modified, MOX-fueled interest-bearing world.  We are at Bohemian Grove participating in a ritual sacrifice to Moloch.  The sorry figure hanging by his neck isn’t dead yet and he at least has a chance because he can evolve into Sri Aurobindo’s Superman.   If you haven’t seen Conspiracy of Silence, by the way, find 60 minutes to do so.

Louis must also be an Ovidian Metamorphoses fan because Boy Bush then transforms into the Teleprompter Messiah, ala Linda Blair in The Exorcist.   Just to make sure you understand, Barry the puppet’s got fangs.  Laughing out fucking loud!

Lily looks awake, not like the rest of her zombie classmates.  The apple she releases does another Ovidian number: it gives birth to a lotus, one of many we’ll see in the rest of the show.  So, yes, it is possible to awaken from this Draconian nightmare.

Why does Barry the Muppet look petrified?  Does he know he is toast?  Will he be sacrificed to Moloch?   Psalm 23 File:The Sunday at Home 1880 - Psalm 23.jpghas connections to funerals, but to whose?  To Barry’s?  To yours?  To mine?  To the world as we know it?

Amerika is torn in half.  What’s in store cowboy?  Put on your Gerald Celente glasses and make a bold prediction pilgrim.

Oxygen-starved kerosene fires threaten the Twin Towers – again.   Oh my God – Minoru Yamasaki’s towers bite the dust – part 2!  But who the fuck did it?

Enter Horus-Jesus on the Anubis Boat, guide and protector of the dead  We are on a journey home to Osiris and his sister/wife Isis.

Who did 9-11 2?  Why of course CIA front man Osama Bin Laden from Team Islam.

Oil pollutes our waters.  Don’t worry: this will Corexit it.  Welcome to Planet Thanatos.

The now crumbling Statue of Liberty’s–correctly referred to as Lady Helotry by Heliofant–foundation is a hexagram/Star of David.  In the real world it stands on an uneven hendecagram, but this is a movie of symbols.  If you’re into forbidden books eye recommend the Michael Tsarion-recommended Controversy of Zion by Douglas Reed.  Your political correctness might undergo a controlled demolition.  You have been warned.

Speaking of which, Drako finally appears face to face with us.  Or should eye say his eye does?  Drako/Draco is cognate with dragon.   Read up on its etymology   This is the guy Disraeli warns us about, the guy who controls all the interest-bearing money as debt.  Your history books teach you your fathers and grandfathers fought in WW2 for peace and freedom, yet why did the Teleprompter Messiah sign the Drakonian NDAA 2012 on the last day of last year?  Have you been lied to your whole life about everything?

What is your redemption?  The Heart and the real All-Seeing Eye of Horus/Christ, not the hijacked one, the one the Freemason/Illuminati/Communists have and sell to the sheep of the world.

If eye’m not mistaken Ezra Pound reads into this 中 Chinese character the still center.  Drako distracts, but if One is centered one can live in the Heart.

Ludovic looks like much of the NWO’s i-Pod-addicted cellmate-bonded youth.  Constantly distracted and thrown off-center, often drugged out – on both legal and illegal substances.

Markets plunge, and Amerika retaliates for televised Islam’s sins.  A mosque goes up in smoke.  Mother Iran (Pieta in the film) mourns the death of her sun.

Assumptions are the mothers of fuck-ups and communist-loving Juan Pepito sees his hammer & sickle dreams drowning him in petrochemical green slimy ooze.

Sun-Sue contemplates Death’s offer as the only televised way out of the madness everywhere.  Meanwhile Horus/Jesus is trancing on the Anubis Boat to Osiris.  Ludovic finds strength in the Savior.

Kali reminds us the time has come for us to meet our Maker.

153 of these  join Horus/Jesus on the trip to Redemption.

Imprisoned in a fossilized erection lives sex slave, Madame Q.   The Divine Hand earlier in the scene reminds us of page 180 of Pound’s Canto XXXVI “Sacrum, sacrum, inluminatio coitu.”  Instead of addiction, sex might be a path to enlightenment.

You think you’re securely happy suited up in your Armani and marching around in those Bruno Maglis, flying around in business class.  But you sold yourself to Drako long ago and you will soon discover the meaning of impermanence because the Cosmic Christ ariseth.

Drako retreats.  Lost youth Ludovic now gnows the meaning the Hymn of the Pearl.   Aali has his own gnosis as a whirling dervish.  L’enfant Bleu keeps watch over the eternal flame.

Horus/Jesus awakens from his trance on the final part of his, and your, journey to salvation in the heart of the matter.  The Church of Ignorance crumbles.

But what in Christ’s Name is that Star?  Is that 11 o’clock dot Sirius B and are we looking at the Sun behind the sun, Sirius?  After all, Orion’s belt/Giza Pyramids point home.   The Giza Pyramids are the greatest buildings ever built.  They symbolize continuity and the collective wisdom of mankind.  When they symbolically crumble a new world emerges.

Heliofant the Sun Child going home to Mama and Papa in the Sky .

Rest in 中.



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