RIP Victims of Yesterday’s Aurora Massacre

The Pavlovian mass media-manufactured reaction to yesterday’s Colorado bloodbath is “Ban all guns!”   However, the question in my mind is, was James Holmes on an SSRI?  If so, it fits a pattern in the Prozac Nation.

The Obamanation are in full force against the despicable diabolical evils of medical marijuana dispensers,0,385106.story but won’t touch the walls around the pharmaceutical cartel even though most mass shootings of recent times have involved the killers on SSRIs, killers such as Virginia Tech monster, Cho Seung Hui.

Israelis kill Palestinians routinely, but they don’t usually kill each other in US-style massacres, even though ordinary Israelis are heavily armed.  Many Swiss households come equipped with assault rifles and semi-automatic rifles, yet US-style blood festivals are almost unheard of.

Was James Holmes on Zoloft, Prozac, Paxil, Luvox or some other perfectly legal suicide and homicide-inducing drug?  That is the question and if the answer is YES, how much longer will Amerika tolerate the problem-reaction-solution War on Drugs, and then turn its attention to fighting a real war on drugs?

Lastly, why don’t you ever hear those who scream “Gun Control Now!” directing their hysterics to their own government, be it the puppet on the left, or the puppet on the right?  Out of every tax dollar Amerikans pay to their all-loving IRS, 53 cents goes to the War Machine.  

The War on Terror is just as fake as the War on Drugs.   The Usurious Soviets of Amerika spends more on weapons of mass destruction related business than China, France, the UK, Russia, Japan, Germany, Saudi Arabia, India and Italy combined.

We’re all for gun control, but only where it’s really needed.