Terror is theatre… Theatre’s a con trick.  Do you know what that means?  Con trick?  You’ve been deceived.

John Le Carre, Little Drummer Girl (via Bollyn)


In the Land that professes to be free, the one in which outta every illegal tax dollar paid to the IRS 53 cents goes to the War Machine; in the country that has by far the largest military budget in the Local Group, that one that shoots its own newborns with absolutely unnecessary Hepatitis B vaccines; yes, the same place that makes YOU collateral on the unpayable debt to Lord Rothschild; in the Usurious Soviets of Amerika, don’t be surprised that there is much more to the fairy tales your mass media force feed you geese and render you, in reality beyond your staged existence, the SSRI-enhanced Foie Gras Nation.

Such is the case with the recent Aurora Batman Massacre.   That there just happened to be a drill in Denver on July 20th at the Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine http://www.thetruthseeker.co.uk/?p=53077 that played on the scenario of a movie theater shooting involving bombs going off, fits a pattern.  On 9-11 there were several military drills going on in the Usurious Soviets, at least one involving planes crashing into buildings.  On 7-11, Peter Power conducted terror drills that exactly replicated what took place that terrible day.   When the Estonia sank in 1994, NATO was in the area starting a ten-day long search and rescue exercise http://www.bollyn.com/the-terror-drills-that-became-real/.  Too bad they didn’t rescue anyone on the ship in real-time.

And guess who was in Denver shortly before July 20th.  Israeli citizen, author of the Patriot Act, x-ray scanning Michael–of the Devil–Chertoff http://www.denverpols.com/diary/411/michael-chertoff-in-denver-tonight.   No doubt he wants to install backscatters at movie theaters, shopping malls and stadiums.   But before he gets there, he’ll need a patsy to do his dirty work.

If you haven’t already done so, watch I, Pet Goat II.  Take note of the Masonic classroom, at the beginning of the flick, that is really a theater.  Most of humanity are pupils at the Booker Elementary School.  Few of us see the strings attached to the figurines presented to us.  Just as Boy Bush and Barry Soetoro are mind controlled bankster marionettes, could it be dazed and confused redheaded, James Holmes, is one of them too?

Sorry, stupid question.