I’ve just had a quick scan of this mainstream article, but could find no mention of Holmes being on a suicide and homicide-inducing SSRI.  But when we’re dealing with psychiatry in the Usurious Soviets of Amerika, that profit-lusting pharmaceutical means of adjusting you to this carbon-hating insane world, it’s elementary to bet the doctor in question prescribed Zoloft, Prozac, or what have you to Mr Holmes. To think otherwise would be like betting that when the kids go out on Halloween Night trick or treating, they’re going to come back home without any candies.  

I say Holmes is a patsy, by the way, because there were drills going on the same day, July 20th, in Denver at some medical school simulating what actually happened in nearby Aurora when “lone gunman” Holmes went nuts.  My conspiracy-detecting mind tells me there is much more going on with this story than meets the eye.  The UN’s Obamanation want your guns, after all, and you should never trust any media outlet whose job it is to lie.