The headline is mistaken: Gary Harringon doesn’t own any property because he lives in the Usurious Soviets of Amerika, whose central mandate is the abolition of pee-on private property.  This isn’t an isolated case.  Amerika is sliding quicklyーnay, is already drowningーin totalitarian quicksand.  

If you oppose the government’s latest illegal wars and refuse to pay your property taxes in protest, you’ll soon find out who the real landlords are of the land you think is yours.  The sick fucks who control your interest-bearing money supply, your GMO-modified feed supply, the contents of your kosher-certified mind, and those same guys who constantly increase the numbers of the those trapped in the Prison Industrial Complex (Earth’s largest by far), also want full control over your water supply.  

The day is soon coming, moreover, that your exhalations will be taxed because you can’t get away forever polluting the world with Public Enemy Number One, carbon dioxide.