More MOX-fueled platitudes coming up with the latest Hiroshima and Nagasaki anniversaries just days away.  

According to Wikipedia, all you need to make one nuke is 4 kg of plutonium.  

Japan’s nuclear power program over the years has produced, according to the officially released numbers, 45 tons of the stuff, enough to make 11,250 nuclear weapons of mass destruction.  

The company, moreover, that provided “security” to Fukushima I is Dimona-based Magna.   

Remember Dimona?  

As in Israel’s not-so-secret nuclear weapons program.

And how come no one is talking about the Israeli connection to Fukushima?  

(Have you ever heard of ICTS and its connection to 9/11 and the Panty Bomber?)

Do you see why growing numbers of people suspect “peace-loving Japan” 

Is itself involved in the world’s deadliest business?

Is plutonium production the reason why Japan’s nuclear power program must go on?

Is Pluto worship what really lies behind this potential geothermal superpower’s obsession with turning the Friendly Atom back on?