Clean, cheap and safe nuclear power

Yeah, right.

If I got you taxpayers to pay for my fuck-ups, you’d get pissed off.

But when corporate bigshots line up for their taxpayer-funded welfare checks

No one seems to care.

Decommissioning Lucky Island will take – what – 40 years?  

All at taxpayer expense

And we haven’t even mentioned The Friendly Atom’s hundred-thousand year question –

Once again, all at pee-on expense.


And has anyone noticed the absence of those promised blackouts

Here in the middle of another typical sultry Honshu summer?

With only 2 outta 50 operational Friendly Atom plants running here in Japan, 

You gotta wonder where all the blackouts have gone.


That’s right –

They’ve fled to Mother India


But Japan will keep the plutonium

All 45,000 kg of it – and counting.

Speaking of which, 

Another round of Hiroshima/Nagasaki lectures coming up folks

From Nature-Loving Japanese

Who want a nuke-free world.

I wonder how many of these lecturers have read

Carole Gallagher’s big book full of radioactive human guinea pigs.


The Greater Metropolitan Tokyo area is Earth’s biggest megalopolis 

At a stunning 36 million people.

It is also a major part of the world economy

Yet not a single TEPCO Friendly Atom plant is powering it.


Ever wonder why all the chicks wanna fuck the Conspiracy Nuts?

Can’t you see the criminals getting away with murder

With taxpayer-funded ecocide?


Meanwhile, in order to distract you from these crimes against humanity, 

Nascent Pre-Crime units go minnow fishing


Richard Fuld is computer illiterate 

And his Blackberry doesn’t open attachments.

So how can you persecute him a billion times Pedro?

Take a deep breath before we arrest you for hate crimes.


There is one bit of bright news for Kyotoites –

The city has decided not to burn radioactive Tohoku disaster waste.  

Hope it ain’t a bait a switch

As one comment warns.