So-called 9-11 Truth is as deceitful as the evening news.  Alex Jones reveals a lot of the story, but fumbles before reaching the goal line.  Christopher Bollyn, however, names names.   He doesn’t subscribe to the Caveman Did It theory, nor to the “Globalists Did It!” theory espoused by Bullhorn Jones.  

When considering which of Bollyn’s two 9-11 books to purchase, buy Solving 9-11 The Original Articles (available at Amazon) first because it is the other book’s foundation.  

Buffalo WBEN’s Eric Polanski interviews Bollyn.  Unbelievable this went by the ADL without comment.

After the Bollyn interview, Polanski speaks with Robert Saviola (the host of this show) from sunny Florida.  His 8 minute anti-Obomba rant is worth listening to.