The Second World War, much more clearly than the First, followed the course charted by the Protocols of 1905. The embroiled masses wreaked destruction and vengeance on each other, not for their own salvation, but for the furtherance of a plan of general enslavement under a despotic “world government.” The aims initially proclaimed (“liberation,” “freedom” and the destruction of “militarism,” “Nazism,” “Fascism,” “totalitarian dictatorship” and the like) were not achieved; on the contrary, the area where these conditions prevailed was greatly enlarged.–Doug Reed’s Controversy of Zion (1956) page 353


The Hive Mind still boldly declares the Yanks nuked the Japs in order to save lives.

In other words, an Arab caveman did 9-11.

Or, you might say, there is no alternative to usury.

While the Bank of England and the Federal Reserve (and their clones worldwide) are far from holy there is simply no other way to macromanage the nations of the world.

The Rothschilds and their minions must continue making their funny money outta  nothing and charging interest for services rendered.

If you have any complaints, I’ll phone the ADL Hotline and report the latest Hate Crime.

You’ve probably never heard of former Times correspondent Doug Reed’s book, quoted above, but that doesn’t mean anything because whether you know it or not, the book in question is one of the most important published in the 20th century.

Just look around, dude.

Your Teleprompter Messiah signed NDAA 2012 on the last day of last year and destroyed the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.  Billary Clinton still lectures the world about peace, democracy and freedom (LOL!).  If you refuse to have your newborn jabbed with hepatitis B vaccine, I’ll have you arrested.  And, you do know, don’t you, that raw milk is a biohazard?

Over here in Japan, in spite of Volcano Fukushima, the nation has learned absolutely sweet fuck all from the ongoing catastrophe.

Japan has learned sweet fuck all because World Government is here now.  Its preferred energy production method is “global warming combating nuclear power”, the “cleanest, safest, cheapest” means to make electricity.

Lies are a dime a dozen in the New World Order.  When was the last time the MOX-fueled mass media screamed about nuclear power’s Achilles Heel, the 100,000 year question, nuclear waste?

The BBC, CNN and NHK ain’t saying anything about nuclear waste because the NWO is Suicide Central and the aforementioned are its mouthpieces.  Ever wonder why Thomas Jefferson never read newspapers?

And so with the latest Hiroshima and Nagasaki anniversaries, we have the usual platitudes delivered by the likes of Nada Noda who won’t say anything about Japan’s huge stockpile of plutonium, even though Japan ostensibly wants a nuclear free world.

Japan is as independent a nation as the Usurious Soviets of Amerika.  No matter what a vociferous anti-nuclear element of its population demands, the Friendly Atom must continue generating electricity for the “benefit of the nation” (hot as hell right now, as usual, but no promised blackouts!).  The banksters insist nuclear must go ahead at all costs, so Japan complies, as it has done to the dictates of plutonium-obsessed Planet Rothschild since at least that day it, Japan, officially surrendered to the New World Order in Tokyo Bay aboard the Missouri on 2 September 1945.

Sure, Hiroshima and Nagasaki are crimes against humanity and Earth, but when will we ever hear about the Nuclear Club’s 2000 plus assaults against Mother Earth after Nagasaki?  Little Boy and Fat Man were but the beginning.   How many people have ever read Gallagher’s painful but necessary medicine “American Ground Zero”?