40 minutes

This 2005 Greenpeace documentary has suddenly showed up at Rense and Dave Icke’s site.   A little old, but worth checking out.   It focuses on the multinational agribusiness soybean assault – led by Cargill, Bunge and ADM – on the Brazilian state of Pará.  

Planet Thanatos reveals itself clearly in Pará.  Not only do you have Geryon eating itself for dinner in the form of massive deforestation in the state, but you also have the Belo Monte Dam, currently under construction.  

The story of Francisco (from 14:01) is particularly painful but representative of what’s happening in Pará among naive money-hungry peasants. In spite of the hardship of farming, it sure beats waking up to reality in some filthy Santarem favela knowing you have no more money to buy your next dose of mandatory genetically-modified multinational-produced processed farm feed – not for your pigs and chickens – because you don’t have them anymore – but for none other than YOU.

And oh yeah, if you don’t wanna sell your land to the multinationals, you will be forced to do so.  

The NWO doesn’t approve of self-sufficiency.  YOU – YOU are a common corporate entity after all – will depend on the likes of Monsanto, Cargill and McDonald’s.