one hour, 11 August 2012

Spingola is the author of two recent history books, The Ruling Elite – A Study in Imperialism, Genocide and Emancipation, and The Ruling Elite: The Zionist Seizure of World Power, both available at Amazon. Your Abe Foxman-directed Mickey Mouse-Pavlovian reflexes will scream politically incorrect and antisemitic.  Forbidden books, however, are far more informative and enlightening than what the New York Times and Mark Potok recommend you read this summer at the beach.

Texe and Deanna demolish the Myth of Woody Wilson, the
so-called peace-loving Democrat, the guy who presided over German-Ashkenazi immigrant Paul Warburg’s taking over of the nation’s money supply. (Woody’s eldest daughter, Margaret (aka “Dishta”), by the way, died at Sri Aurobindo’s Pondicherry ashram in India in 1944

The Civil War, moreover, is America’s “Socialist Revolution”.  Spingola views Lincoln is an enemy of liberty.  When you take away states rights to secede, you are a tyrant.  Makes sense to me and so the Myth of Honest Abe bites the dust, just as that fratricidal bloodbath’s goal was the emancipation of the slaves.

I haven’t read Spingola’s book yet, but you can look inside it a bit at Amazon.  As a Japan-based observer, I noticed pages 337-360 devoted to Japan and its connection to those who really pull the puppet strings on this planet.   She weaves her story from the much overlooked fact that Commodore Perry’s daughter married Rothschild US agent, August Belmont.   The Road to Fukushima starts here.

My immediate feeling after a quick look inside of Spingola’s books at Amazon make me want to place these volumes on the forbidden shortlist of books to be read with the rest of your favorite antisemitic authors and poets like Dante, Chaucer, Shakespeare, Ezra Pound, T.S. Eliot, Eustace Mullins, Henry Ford, Doug Reed, Dave Duke…

For those who click the second link, a summary of the interview in question, and scroll down, you’ll notice a short but dramatic clip of a Bengali tiger attacking a man on an elephant.  For the full story, click this