Largely true but there are ways around the leeches out to suck you dry.  Besides, is Chavez one of those who visit the beach once a year and don’t learn the tricks of the trade?

Down in Kushimoto, there is a nice coral reef beside a scuba diving outlet and not far from yet another Flipper prison.  My first time there a few years back, I walked into the shop’s front desk area and noticed a sign saying you had to pay ¥1500 ($19) to snorkel on the reef, and that’s even when you bring your own mask, snorkel and fins.  Like a fucking idiot, I paid.  On subsequent visits, however, I bypassed the shop’s front desk, went directly the edge of the water, put my stuff on, and enjoyed the beautiful reef – for free – the way it should be. 

Beware of nickel and diming Japanese.