Everything is about managed perception. It has nothing to do with reality. Our heroes are monsters who appear to be Koala Bears. They’re cuddly and magnetic. They’re blemish free and their lives are devoted to good, or so we are told but that’s not how it is and as Mr. Apocalypse taps the sacred Earth with his walking stick, managed perception is becoming unmanageable.--Les Visible, 18.08.2012

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uR8QRViF9GM&list=UUvsye7V9psc-APX6wV1twLg&index=5&feature=plcp 27 minutes

Mike Adams – in spite of his circumcision certification – is spot on: the commies have taken over the former United States of America.  Great to hear him not say the “Fascists”, the “Nazis”, the “Globalists”, the “Illuminati”.  Yep, it’s the commies and their number one agenda is to eliminate all private property, except for the people we’re not supposed to mention, as well as their immediate high-ranking lackeys.

I read this http://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/books/news/maos-great-leap-forward-killed-45-million-in-four-years-2081630.html view from The Independent, based on Frank Dikötter’s work recently.  I then thought of Earth’s most pretentious country: the Usurious Soviets of Amerika.  

When you look at today’s tasering TSA-funded madness in the country in question, you gotta say Saint Ezra has it right: things started going downhill – in doublespeak, uphill –  real fucking fast for the former USA, starting in 1863.  

Thou shalt not secede and if you try you will be subject to the Great Leap Forward.   Southern Man hang your head in shame.   Don’t you know this is Alex Hamilton’s Dominion?

You might think comparing Amerika with Mao’s Great Leap Forward is a bit of a stretch.  


Everything is topsy-turvy in this New World Order.  

Just as we have “Monju”, a financial black hole experimental fast-breeder nuke reactor in Tsuruga, Japan, named after the Bodhisattva of Supreme Wisdom, you guys stateside have your “freedom” to collect rainwater on what you think is your own property.  And what is the result?   Your fucking arrest, asshole!  

Welcome to the Peoples Republic of Kaganovich!   Along with your jobs exported to China, thanks to Bill Clinton & Associates, do you know the meaning of “iatrogenic” and how many Amerikans die as a result thereof each year?

The next major false flag is not a question of if, but of when.  All because you are Smithfield Packing House-bound cattle.