2 minutes

As a Japan-based blogger, I have to admit to being a little uneasy about leviathan China being parked next door to peace-loving, MOX-fueled, interesting-bearing, aspartame-flavored, MSG-enhanced, home-sweet-home 日本.   Who the fuck was Chairman Mao talking to when he said to his host it doesn’t matter whether you kill the battalion in front of you because a million more are behind them, and a million more behind them, and a million more behind them…?

Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain, Dorothy, because YOU are a soulless, non-thinking, communist-adoring marionette.   You will be told what to think, what to feel, what to eat and drink, what to inject yourself with, who to hate.  

Chairman Mao’s Great Leap Forward killed tens of millions of Chinese but just as it’s illegal in Europe to say 5,999,999 Jews died in the Holocaust, it’s basically the same in China with the Great Leap Forward.  It was nothing but a great leap forward.   Besides, you will hate those whom your puppet masters tell you to hate.

In the meantime, I see Pimsleur’s language programs are on sale.  Assuming China doesn’t toxify itself and the world to death in the years ahead, and you want to maintain your mandarin state of existence, you might want to start studying Chinese.  As Texe Marrs says, the puppet masters are destroying Amerika (and empowering China) by design.