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Japan is in the boondocks of the NWO.  You can still drink a cold beer down on the Kamo River without cops tasering or killing you for this particularly heinous crime against humanity.  You can also still collect rain water without the authorities sending a swat team and Bradley tanks to your place to destroy you.  Babies are born and blood samples are immediately taken but they’re not subject to mandatory hepatitis b shots.  Selling lemonade is still apparently ok without a licence and homeless people in this country not complying with police directives are usually not shot 46 times as is the case in yet another typical day in the Usurious Soviets of Amerika

It looks like North Americans are leading the way with the installation of yet more surveillance devices known as dirty electricity-generating smart meters.  I don’t know anyone in Japan with such a device.  We still have women working for the utilities coming around to our houses and apartments every month measuring our consumption of electricity, natural gas and water, and then depositing bills in our mailboxes.  

No doubt Japan will follow North America’s example and set these spying devices on our homes.  It’s all part of the destruction of individuality.  You must comply because you live in the communist New World Order.