4 minutes

So I finish my previous rant, get my beauty sleep, wake up check and out that philandering, wife-beating, Jim-non-Stoner, antisemitic conspiracy nutter, Jeff Rense and his site, and discover the above.  A Virginia mom is fined $5000 for hosting a birthday party and selling farm products without a permit, on her own farm!  Confirmation that what I said last night (Japan time) is happening all the time now in the Usurious Soviets of Amerika.

Amerika, listen to your Saint Ezra.  If you cherish liberty know that you have gone downhill, and have ended up in today’s kosher, politically correct totalitarian communist nightmare since 1863.  And as such, you people have to understand you no longer own that property you think is yours.   If you truly owned that property you think is yours and some Hamiltonian commie federal fucks come onto your land during a birthday party you’re holding for your daughter, and her friends, you’d take out your water rifle and then retire the intruders.  You’d then feed the wet aftermath to your pigs.