The Usurious Soviets of Amerika won more medals in London in total than the United Kommunists but the UK was way ahead per capita of its population  And likewise, if the USA has any competition in the New World Order, it’s gotta be the UK.  

The United Kommunists taught the Usurious Soviets the fine art of 21st century bullshitting the masses in the form of Tony Bliar.  Anyone who had their heads screwed on correctly in 2008 could easily have predicted the Teleprompter Messiah’s massive failure to fulfill even a millimeter of his countless heavenly promises by citing the specious specimen, Tony, the People’s prime minister, the saviour of Britain, the One who’d wipe away the skid marked sins of the Tories.  

But comparing the United Kommunists and the Usurious Soviets of Amerika is really a pointless exercise because they are one, part of the totalitarian liberty-demolishing global government, much talked of for at least a hundred years, now bearing fruit for the benefit of the City of London bankers (and their satellites worldwide) who control it all for Planet Zion.

If you fail to find anything to smile about in the preceding paragraphs, eye’ll have you arrested.