45 seconds

Another typical blisteringly hot Honshu summer in the country that absolutely positively depends on nuclear power – especially now that we’re still in peak demand for electricity.  

Without the Friendly Atom, as we all know, Japan is a dead duck.  Yet, out of the 50 operational plants nationwide, only 2 are online, here in Kansai, meaning Earth’s largest metropolis, Tokyo, population 36 million, is relying on other sources of electricity.  So where the fuck are the much touted and promised blackouts? And how come no one is talking about it?

And speaking of waking up to reality, what is this bullshit about Japan having no natural resources you hear all the time?  Japan is a potential geo-thermal superpower.  It could easily apply its technological genius to building a network of safe electricity generators.

But then again, if Bernie Baruch nukes you twice, you don’t wanna risk strike three – extinction.