3 minutes

I checked out after watching the video in the previous entry and see the US Army now preventing its trained killers (“Pays a bit more than than McDonald’s, mom, so I took the offer.  Would rather not work in a prison beating up drug addicts here in the Land of the Free.  Kinda like the idea of killing Ehrabs in Afghanistan.”) from snuffing themselves out with a little – very little in fact – nasal spray.  

Japan is a pressure cooker for its pee-ons and has a very high suicide rate – about 85 every single day.  Some Amerikan products must be banned and this is one of them.

Get a little sunshine, Sunshine, walk on Earth barefooted when you can, stay off the NWO’s processed feed menu as much as possible – and visit hospitals and their “all-knowing” whitecoats only when you absolutely have to.