Kalifornia wants to outdo kosher Kanada.

Who will be the first to outlaw criticizing

Amerika’s master, Israel?


If you think that’s pushing

the bounds of reality

Why did your Teleprompter Messiah

visit AIPAC as soon as he became

Democratic Nominee four years ago?

Why did he select Rahm Israel Emanuel

dual citizen Isreali/Amerikan

as his first staff pick

when confirmed as President of the Usurious Soviets?



I’ll tell you why…

Because that other Let’s Celebrate Democracy imposter, Mitt,

is just another common snot-running-down-his-face 9-11 caveman conspiracy theorist

Who believes Rachel Corrie deserved

being run over by a Caterpillar.

Dear shiksa, Who Are You to question Israel?


For a constantly persecuted tribe

it sure does a great job

controlling the upside down Land of the Free.


Europe’s Holocaust Denial laws

a dangerous post-WWII precedent

That – set against all our other Rick Sanchez moments

make us wonder what’s next –

Criticizing Mel Gibson a hate crime?


The day is coming soon in the Prozac Nation

that questioning any kind of authority will be a hate crime

subject to mandatory medication, imprisonment, or death.


CO2 – the stuff you exhale and the stuff plants feast on

is one prime enemy you must hate in the New World Order.

Failure to comply will also soon be illegal

starting in NWO epicenters like Kanada, Oz, the United Kommunists

and the Greatest Nation on Earth – the Usurious Soviets of Amerika.


Aside from your White House-sponsored half black UN views on 9-11

Do you know where the evidence – not the MSM hearsay – points as to who pulled it off?

Hate-filled Mark Dankof sure as hell has a view

And unless you start addressing the Who Did 9-11 instead of the How They Did It

Your country as a whole will be destroyed just like Detroit.


Ezra Pound is right:

Amerika’s descent into perpetual night

started in 1863.

Read Deanna Spingola for details.