Bonnie Faulker interviews Bollyn.  58 minutes

Remarkable that “Mossad Did 9-11” Bollyn is allowed airtime on this Amy Goodmanesque station.

But then again, Christopher recently appeared on Buffalo’s WBEN as well, where host, Eric Polanski, let him speak freely without the usual Pavlovian response |-O “But, Chris, you’re a Protocols of Elders of Zion-promoting, Hitler-worshiping, Holocaust-denying, Neonazi anti-Semite!   No doubt John is your Friend and you dismiss the reality of global warming!”

What’s next?  A Good Morning Amerika appearance with special Qabalistic guest, Mel Gibson, conducting the 22-minute interview?


More so-called 9-11 Truthers have to focus on 15:16-22:43 of this interview.  Bollyn describes a textbook example of – another massive 9-11 smoking gun – the travesty that is the US judicial system.   Even Truthers don’t know the “Truth Movement” is another manufactured stage production.  While everyone in the world has heard about Travon Martin and Troy Davis, few aside from Bollyn and his readers have heard about the Bavis family and Ellen Mariani, the last of whom is the only holdout left in the fight against Judge Hellerstein, a guy whose loyalty lies with Mother Israel, just like the rest of the cast Christopher names in this incredible interview.

If Amerika is the Land of Accountability then why haven’t any of the families of 9-11 victims had their day in Hellerstein’s court to face-off with the likes of Israeli-based ICTS, the company that provided “security” to Boston Logan and Newark?   But more importantly, why haven’t you even heard of Ellen Mariani and know everything about Travon Martin?   And why do you waste your time, energy and vocal chords screaming “Four More Years!”?

Because you have been lied to your whole life.  Slave owner Tom Jefferson knew that in the beginning and that’s why he advised you not to read newspapers.  You didn’t listen and took mass media theater for reality.  Which is why the majority of Amerika’s useful idiots insist on tuning into tonight’s episode of the Donkey and Elephant Puppet Show.