A Stateside flatlanding hotshot not too long ago graduated from uni asked yours truly, “How do you know cockroaches don’t write poetry or compose magnificent symphonies?”

I was swimming in a Ken Wiber moment at a party hosted by Kansai’s Conspiracy King, where the only beverages allowed were water, coffee, Yebisu and Suntory Premium Malts (aside from being desperate, how can anyone drink Asahi Super Dry?)  When you stepped outside and didn’t know the location of Sagittarius, you’d click Google Sky and easily find out.

The world is holons all the way up and all the way down.  Humans are at the top of the food chain, and much of that revolves around meaning, depth, verticality.  Cockroaches don’t write histories, tragedies, and comedies like the non-existent William Shakespeare.  They don’t make music like Wagner’s Ring Cycle.  Humans are far more evolved than grasshoppers, crickets and cockroaches which is why you can’t order anything written by six-legged critters at Amazon.

Or is that really the case?  Perhaps cockroaches do write poetry surpassing Ezra Pound’s Cantos – we just don’t know.  Instead of being disgusting as humans know them to be, they might come out at night and pursue a roach version of the Eleusinian Mysteries under the light of the Full Moon, ala Toy Story.  If we only look hard enough, we’ll find that book of roach poetry greater than Ovid’s Metamorphoses somewhere in the sewers of the world.  Don’t give up hope, folks, of finding the roach take on the Rape of Proserpine.

Equating cockroaches with humans, however, is a modern disease, brought to you by NWO Communism, a world of never-ending pursuits of happiness (and the shunning of the negative) where the world is flat, and there is no meaning.  Which is why, after all your years here on interest-bearing Planet Rothschild, after all those years of slaving away for The Corporation, dutifully paying your (illegal) income taxes, buying all those ephemeral material Made in China pleasures, as well as your blissful annual trips to Tokyo Disneyland – at the end of it all, all those 80 years or whatever your case may be, you feel in your now moribund state that it was all meaningless as you lay there on your deathbed.  All meaningless because you are a cockroach and Dante, Shakespeare and Chaucer are hateful antisemites.

How does Les Visible know Israel Did 9-11 http://www.smoking-mirrors.com/2012/09/go-tell-it-on-mountain-israel-did-911.html?   Don’t your favorite idiot box talking heads like Jon Stewart, Bill Maher, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, and their clones worldwide, say an Arab did it?  And that means Arabs did in fact do 9-11, right?

If that is the case then usury is perfectly kosher, Lincoln is a champion of liberty, GMOs are a blessing, fluoride is great for your health, and organic food is no healthier than all the stuff showered in petrochemicals http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/09/03/us-organic-food-idUSBRE8820M920120903.  (Mexico City air, by the way, has been scientifically proven to be no more harmful than Lake Tahoe air.)

OK, but how does Visible know Israel Did 9-11?  Did he see Ehud Barack pull the trigger?  Did Dov Zakheim tell Visible he was one of the masterminds of the crime?  Did Judge Hellerstein, Kenny Feinberg, Maurice Greenberg, Jules Kroll and Mike – of the Devil – Chertoff decide to Pull It along with Larry Silverstein – and did these guys phone Visible just after the event to confirm?

The question comes back to cockroaches and poetry.  What do we really know?

How do we know, when we go to bed, we’re going to be alive the following morning?  Aren’t we just assuming we’re coming back in one piece as we leave home for another day slaving away for that munificent UN Special Agency, the IMF?

We are because assumptions not only are the mothers of fuck-ups, they are the basis of much of our lives.  And so we need to work with evidence in order to build models of what is happening in this world, in order to make sense of it.

As such, I haven’t seen any evidence crickets – aside from Jiminy – can sing well enough to perform at Bayreuth.  I don’t know it, but I think it extremely unlikely in the history of cockroaches, that any of their ranks has written a sublime sonnet.

In the same way, we have to say that Israel – the All Seeing Top of the Pyramid part of it anyway, did 9-11, based on the available evidence.  Israel’s fingerprints are all over the 9-11 crime scene but because places like California are moving toward criminalizing any criticism of Israel you are getting further and further away from Nine-Eleven Truth.  No wonder the Made in Vancouver Occupy Movements have fizzled into nothingness.

Speaking of protests, if Barcelona can get more than a million on the streets demanding independence for Catalonia, why can’t Greater Tokyo, population 36 million, get 5 million on its streets demanding rolling heads in the wake of this http://www.japantoday.com/smartphone/view/national/japan-to-complete-3-new-reactors-despite-no-nuclear-policy?

Japan says it’ll be nuke free around 2030, but announces on Saturday it’ll complete three more nuke plants and continue its suicidal MOX policy.

If you’re a typical TV-addicted Hiroshi/Mariko Watanabe type, you think North Korea (China increasingly now) is Public Enemy Number One.  Yet the government here thinks radioactive school lunches are delicious and pose no health risks for its future taxpayers.  Burning radioactive debris is fine as well.  If your building materials are also radioactive – don’t worry – smile like Dr Yamashita because the Bodhisattva of Supreme Wisdom (Monju) watches lovingly over these precious IAEA-sponsored isles.

Realistically, though, dealing with available evidence, Japan, like its communist masters across the Big Pond, is tyrannical.  There has been lots of recent mass media-hyped talk of bullies in Japan getting away with murder, but Japan Inc itself is a bully.  Bigshot Tadahiro Matsushita recently retired himself permanently.  The story made headlines worldwide.  But how many headlines scream the obvious: Japan’s daily suicide rate of around 83 people snuffing themselves out is a national emergency?

What did you do during your summer vacation, Shunsuke?

I went to juku.

I mean did you go camping, swimming, enjoy a BBQ with your family under the blue sky somewhere nice?

I went to juku.

Every day?

Yes, every day.

Did you at least find some time to go the beach, or at least to USJ for a day of fun with your friends?

No: I went to juku every day, from morning to night.

We don’t hear the obvious because our lives are theater productions.  Take the Chinese, or at least those stupid enough to get caught up in those frenzied and destructive nationalistic anti-Japanese tornadoes sweeping through many Chinese cities these days.  China wants the rocks and so does Japan.  The social engineers in both camps want you to side with your own kind, and at the same time to ignore the crimes committed by your own government.  Volcano Fukushima is an example in Japan’s case and Mao’s Great Leap Forward, wherein tens of millions perished, is a Chinese example of its social engineers diverting your attention away from this domestic-made stain to the sins of arrogant Japan.

Deanna Spingola’s http://www.amazon.com/The-Ruling-Elite-Imperialism-Emancipation/dp/142695462X gives a big view of the mess we’re in today and its long history; not that that is exactly news, but Spingola’s book provides the timely reminding we need once in a while in our busy lives, when for many of us the only thing we read are English language textbooks.

The sugary coating on today’s NWO has many precedents.  The genocide of native Americans, North and South, was done for the advancement not only of those who perished but also to advance heavenly-mandated European civilization in the Americas.  Lincoln’s War (Spingola insists the “Civil War” should be referred to as such) was about “freeing the slaves” we are told, but in reality it was about the North’s mandate of destroying States’ Rights of Secession, and laying the foundation stone of the totalitarian monstrosity Amerika has become today.

If you go about your life hopping on trains, boarding buses, driving to work and back home, you might think everything is fine and normal as usual.  Whenever I get on JR trains, for instance, things seem as they always have been.  Yet, we are inching closer and closer to a war with China.   The Japanese government, morever, condones radioactive school lunches, wants to complete three more plutonium plants, insists that HIV causes AIDS, that CO2 causes Earth’s climate to change and that there is no alternative to usury.  Business as usual – for sure – on this mad planet.

So what do we really know?

One way to find out is to dig into the etymology of the word “know” and from there we embark on a gnostic journey to Arunachala and the Jnana Caves.  Therein, in spite of appearances, everything is hunky dory because you can’t see your own face, or at least the One you had before you were born.

So get rid of your conventional shoes, Grasshopper, and buy a pair of Vibram Five Fingers.  You’ll need them on your New Moon journey back down to Earth from the top of Aranachala.