Max Hastings, writing for the Daily Mail, is juxtaposed, as usual for the Mail, against a minefield of titillating cleavage and ass on the right.  He summarizes some of Japan’s atrocities committed in China during its quest for imperial glory, only ending in it being nuked twice, three weeks after Oppenheimer nuked New Mexico in July 1945.

Many Chinese today are hyper-materialistic and only concerned with personal advancement (just like everywhere else).   And you could say also China has a particularly sharp chip on its shoulder.  It wants to reincarnate its once – pre-opium-addicted – omnipotent global supremacy using its current tacky, plastic and environment-destroying methods.   It is a violence-adoring adolescent dangerous not only to itself but the entire world.

Chinese consciousness engineers, like their counterparts worldwide, know how to control their hive mind.  They steer the pee-ons away from Mao’s infinite crimes and have their insects focus, as now, on Japan’s disgusting crimes against humanity; they are injecting their population with bloodthirsty REVENGE!  I read today that Beijing has now banned anti-Japanese protests in the capital, but the underlying conflict remains and will only intensify in the months ahead.  

It might be worthwhile following through on Jim Rogers’ advice and study some Mandarin – might come in handy one day.  If Volcano Fukushima doesn’t scare you enough, how do you think you’d react to the Chinese Tsunami coming to liberate Kyoto?  Is that enough to make you wanna pack up and get the fuck out?