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Delicious evidence contained herein supporting the contention US taxpaying pee-ons fund the expansion of China, and, as a result, are are increasingly enjoying the fruits of their more and more obvious third world status.  Four more years!  Go Barry, go!

We get exciting voyeuristic views of China’s sexual liaisons with All-American General Motors.  The Chinese are smart cookies and entice the likes of Danny Boy with some fortune reading sessions with some of these yellow fever-inducing watermelons in the back of an-end-of-the-world 2012 Cadillac XTS.

Wall Street was much of the USSR’s life support system.  In this early 21st century version of the Greatest Country in the Universe fully backing its now main (supposedly) ideological enemy, the difference is that China is being groomed to take over Amerika’s super power status.

We hope it won’t happen but WWIII is increasingly looking like it will break out one of these years. Traitorous governments in the west, above all, in the “Land of the Free”, through so-called free-trade agreements, are destroying their home countries in order to empower countries like China.  China will one day fight the “Free World”, win, and thereby officially usher in the New World Order.

Sitting on their thrones, above the increasing amounts of filth on Planet Earth, the Rothschild Olympians orchestrate the puppet show below.

Why does Jim Rogers insist you study Mandarin?*

Because he knows China is the future.

Why does Dinah now blow a Chinese horn?

Because Barry threw $80 billion to another shore,

the one on the other side of the Pacific,

somewhere a long, long way from crumbling Detroit.