You have massive insider trading at Nomura… Olympus executives hiding billions in losses and they get a slap on the wrist…. but if Taro wants to download a video he could get 10 years in Jail. I can do nothing but shake my head and sigh. — “Hiniku” comments


Mention filesharing/downloading and out come the diwliading masses, horrified that they can’t go about their business as usual. Well guess what. If you’re not paying for, you’re taking it and that has been illegal throughout history. Nothing new here. That said, I think especially the movie industry have dealt with this the wrong way. They have, from the very beginning opposed the simplicity brought along with the Internet. Instead of making customers they have created downloaders and it seems very difficult to convince those people of the benefits of purchasing content.

I remember listening to the Iron Man 2 commentary track when director Jon Favreau in the end asked viewers to refrain from dowloading his movie. Made a whole lot of sense to me.

In the end, it’s important to remember that copying/downloading might affect normal people, working hard to produce something good. I, for one, would like to support those people. — “tairitsuiken” comments