Eye am eternal (so too is ע) and so see circles everywhere and everywhen.

My Yebisu bottle is round  reminding me of Oneness (and Sevenness).

The universe is turned into One and even though October is the wrong way

to name the 10th month, we’ll take it as is  for now

because the Big Lie lies behind these dark times.

In spite of that, the cosmos blooms again  reminding us of circles again.

Black Rice Field slaves away at 7-Eleven for ¥800/hour somewhere on $1.5 Billion Avenue while smoking Kentucky grass.

He works his pretty fluorescent ass off and dreams of a worldly ring.

A-Rod nets $29 million this year yet can’t hit an orange and black bird from Baltimore.

Ibanez up at bat –

Fucking homer!

Game tied.

Now in the bottom of the 12th.

Stadium tension high

Ibanez at the plate –

Fucking homer – again!

The Yanks win.

But do they?

Five percent of Earth’s population

yet 60% of the planet’s consumption of suicide and homicide-inducing SSRIs.

Google “ADHD Fraud”.

Complete Pete Duesberg’s Billion Dollar AIDS Quiz http://www.duesberg.com/quiz.html.

Don’t be afraid.

The worst that can happen is that you’ll return to the place you started.

Ibanez up at the plate…

The Yankees win.

But do they?

53 cents outta every illegal tax dollar funds the war machine

whose blood-soaked road leads back to Chris Columbus.

7.1 million behind bars or barred from buying freedom fries.

Gary Harrington goes to jail for collecting rainwater on 

a piece of land he thinks is his.

$450 billion interest this year on past wars loans for bankers’ benefit.

Did eye just say for bankers’ benefit?

Eye guess eye did.

Speaking of witch –

Ever wonder why we turned out so evil (maybe we always were)

When we supposedly fought WWII for peace, freedom, liberty

(and against an Austrian guy who made a mark for himself by making his own value-based money)

and all good things under the sun?

Why do Yanks (eye guess Southern Man is a Yank now too)

take their sporting mentality

to the political arena?

Barry vs Mittens

Nothing but Yanks vs Orioles.

Coke vs Pepsi.

Most hyped ball player of all time, Barry at the plate

Strikes out – again.

Can’t do anything without Larry Sinclair-sponsored cocksucking teleprompter.

Mittens at bat –

Hits another homer

But some say planes never hit the Towers.

Eye don’t care

Lady Gaga’s meat never gives me an A-Rod

But My Lady sure does.

Because Six equals Sex

Radius of Circle walks around six/sex times




Just as Ibanez runs around once…and twice

Circles ensure

we find Paradise again

somewhere down the line circle.