Leon Degrelle is someone you have to blog about on All Saints’ Day (as well as it being Ezra Pound’s 40th death anniversary).   From this side of the fence he was a Nazi collaborator, a sick power-hungry man, clever and articulate, yes, but ruthlessly selfish, a man who betrayed his Roman Catholic faith and his country, Belgium.

The Military Channel presents this (click around for parts 2 – 4) kosher but fascinating take on Degrelle.  It’s politically correct and the cliché “Nazi” is repeated a million times.

The so-called Nazis never called themselves Nazis (they were National Socialists) but this side of the fence won WWII and the winner writes history.

MC did a good job considering the straightjacket they wore.  Degrelle’s Rexist Youth Movement associate, Marie Jose De Goy, is allowed to speak freely without the narrator ridiculing her.  Even after all these years of Holocaust Denial Laws, she still supports Degrelle and doesn’t regret anything she did once upon a time.

Fernand Kaisergruber, one of Degrelle’s soldiers in the Wallonian Legionnaire (1942-45), also speaks freely without ridicule and for that I salute the Military Channel.  The brave Kaisergruber doesn’t express any regret for serving National Socialism and asks what politician, aside from Degrelle, volunteered to go to the front line.

Alex Jones isn’t wrong about everything: there really is a war on for your mind.  Spain’s youth unemployment, officially, is 50%.  Amerika’s unofficial unemployment rate is around 22%.  Churchill’s UK is a totalitarian Bolshevik police state with CCTVs everywhere.   Mossad did 9-11 and hemp can save the world; the wars on terror and drugs are a farce in which ultimately the eater gets eaten.   Amerika has fought one war after another from the beginning, including those disgusting wars on the Indians (but at least in their honor we have the politically correct Redskins, Indians and Braves) and its chemical warfare on Vietnam, the legacy of which continues.  Yet, in spite of all this interest-bearing evil, we are the good guys and National Socialism is the official headquarters of the Devil Himself.   And if you don’t believe it, ala the Spanish Inquisition, you’ll be arrested in Germany and lose your source of income in other places.

So without further ado, let’s introduce one of the most amazing men of the 20th century, Leon Degrelle (mirror) let him speak for himself over there, on the other side, a land where children turn circles instead of watching their teachers demonstrate how Harold sodomizes Chuck.