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Tonight’s Sky: November 2012 7 minutes


This and That Side of Leon Degrelle


Leon Degrelle is someone you have to blog about on All Saints’ Day (as well as it being Ezra Pound’s 40th death anniversary).   From this side of the fence he was a Nazi collaborator, a sick power-hungry man, clever and articulate, yes, but ruthlessly selfish, a man who betrayed his Roman Catholic faith and his country, Belgium.

The Military Channel presents this (click around for parts 2 – 4) kosher but fascinating take on Degrelle.  It’s politically correct and the cliché “Nazi” is repeated a million times.

The so-called Nazis never called themselves Nazis (they were National Socialists) but this side of the fence won WWII and the winner writes history.

MC did a good job considering the straightjacket they wore.  Degrelle’s Rexist Youth Movement associate, Marie Jose De Goy, is allowed to speak freely without the narrator ridiculing her.  Even after all these years of Holocaust Denial Laws, she still supports Degrelle and doesn’t regret anything she did once upon a time.

Fernand Kaisergruber, one of Degrelle’s soldiers in the Wallonian Legionnaire (1942-45), also speaks freely without ridicule and for that I salute the Military Channel.  The brave Kaisergruber doesn’t express any regret for serving National Socialism and asks what politician, aside from Degrelle, volunteered to go to the front line.

Alex Jones isn’t wrong about everything: there really is a war on for your mind.  Spain’s youth unemployment, officially, is 50%.  Amerika’s unofficial unemployment rate is around 22%.  Churchill’s UK is a totalitarian Bolshevik police state with CCTVs everywhere.   Mossad did 9-11 and hemp can save the world; the wars on terror and drugs are a farce in which ultimately the eater gets eaten.   Amerika has fought one war after another from the beginning, including those disgusting wars on the Indians (but at least in their honor we have the politically correct Redskins, Indians and Braves) and its chemical warfare on Vietnam, the legacy of which continues.  Yet, in spite of all this interest-bearing evil, we are the good guys and National Socialism is the official headquarters of the Devil Himself.   And if you don’t believe it, ala the Spanish Inquisition, you’ll be arrested in Germany and lose your source of income in other places.

So without further ado, let’s introduce one of the most amazing men of the 20th century, Leon Degrelle (mirror) let him speak for himself over there, on the other side, a land where children turn circles instead of watching their teachers demonstrate how Harold sodomizes Chuck.

October 2012 Full Moon Rant

How like a fawning publican he looks!
I hate him for he is a Christian,
But more for that in low simplicity
He lends out money gratis and brings down
The rate of usance here with us in Venice.
If I can catch him once upon the hip,
I will feed fat the ancient grudge I bear him.
He hates our sacred nation, and he rails,
Even there where merchants most do congregate,
On me, my bargains and my well-won thrift,
Which he calls interest. Cursed be my tribe,
If I forgive him!

Shylock in Bill’s Merchant of Venice I.3


All the evidence in the world points to Israel as the prime suspect for carrying out 9-11   Its fingerprints are all over the crime scene and that infamous day has served Israel well.

Size doesn’t necessarily mean anything.  You might swing the biggest dick in the locker room and preen yourself in front of the mirror for 13 glorious John C. Holmes minutes standing butt naked, but if your brain is made of shit what good is your donkey appendage, Amerika?  Israel rules you, and you know it.

But hey, I could be wrong.  Just because all the available evidence indicates you know who, there is the slight possibility some higher-ups did it, such as the shape-shifting fourth dimensional reptilians, the Vatican, Big Dick Cheney, the Nazis, the Globalists, the Jesuits, Wayne Gretzky, or Golda Meir – oh, sorry, I forgot, she’s a Zionist Jew.

You see what I mean.  I didn’t see Dov Zakheim or Ehud Barak pull the 9-11 trigger.  Nor did I see that renegade Arab caveman, hearsay says did the deed.  Chances are, however, I’m right.  Mere possession of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion in Bolshevik Russia was a capital offense and the question that arises is why.   Why is it always open season on Italians, moreover?  Why does the hive mind associate crime with this magnificent nation?  When was the last time a Jew was the bad guy?  Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice, right?  Why?

In the Usurious Soviets of Amerika there is a certain tribe who call most of the shots, and that is why the now partially crestfallen Teleprompter Messiah slithered over to AIPAC immediately upon becoming Democratic Nominee in June 2008.

They represent just a tiny percentage of the overall population, yet consider this (don’t worry it’s not Dave Duke), or this,16641,19990215,00.html typical example of this group’s omnipotence.

But as a fellow conspiranaut told me a couple of hours ago, I might be climbing the wrong beanstalk.  Have you checked out the Disclosure Project  It’s the fucking aliens, after all, Mr Credo Mutwa!   How dare I point the finger at the doormat of history!  We are being watched and Israel in turn answers to higher-ups, non-terrestrials that is.   Who the fuck ever turned me on to Ezra Pound?


OK, enough of dealing with uncertainty.  I wanna meet the Truth.  Is there any way to do so?



Grab your compass, straightedge, and paper.

This textbook (see my links for other equally important sources) is crucial.

\varphi = \frac{1+\sqrt{5}}{2} = 1.61803\,39887\ldots.

When you do the pentagon/pentagram diagrams the Golden Ratio shines like the Sun or the Full Moon right now.

1,\;1,\;2,\;3,\;5,\;8,\;13,\;21,\;34,\;55,\;89,\;144,\; \ldots.

The Fibonacci Sequence, referring to the ratio above, shows that if God is anything He/She/It is Number.  The Indian origins of our Arabic numerals are merely symbols for the Truth that is embedded in this glorious Kosmos.

The pentagon/pentagram is not Satanic.  It is not evil.  It is not going to fuck you over.  If anything the pentagram is beautiful, perfectly symmetrical, harmonious and an inherent feature of the universe as is the Sun of God is for us Earthlings.  If you doubt me, do the diagrams, over and over again.

God is not a Jew.  God is not a Muslim.  God is not a Christian, Chinese, Japanese or Panamanian.   God is Number.

Happy Halloween.   Happy Full Moon.  Congratulations to the San Francisco Giants.   Go Nippon Ham! – this planet ain’t big enough for two Giants.

Images courtesy Wikipedia.

John McDougall, MD: The Diet Wars 54 minutes

Published on Sep 13, 2012

John McDougall, MD: The Diet Wars. Presented at the September, 2012, Advanced Study Weekend, at the Flamingo Resort and Spa, Santa Rosa, California, this program discusses and compares the popular diet plans on the market today, and their impact on long term health. Watch more videos at:

Orinids 2012 Rant

Autumn in Honshu means many cloud-free deep blue sky days aside from the odd typhoon passing our way.  Such being the case, it was time to head off to beautiful Kamikochi

Canada has Banff, but Japan has Kamikochi; no need for an inferiority complex, Japan.  If you love mountain scenery making out with fall’s colors go now.

If you have plenty of time enjoy a few days hiking up high.  Bear in mind some places could part you with your life, places such as Daikiretto.  Alternatively you can reach the 10,000 foot summit of Kitahodaka without dealing with life-ending precipices – consult your favorite hiking in Japan guidebook.

Unlike in previous visits, we noticed large numbers of Chinese tourists this time.  I don’t think any of them had to worry about being assaulted by seastone-obsessed Japanese.

Nearby Matsumoto is surrounded by mountains and Kamikochi nestles somewhere in one of those valleys.

Matsumoto’s star attraction is Matsumoto Castle Matsumoto Castle05s5s4592.jpg.  Curtis LeMay didn’t defecate here so the keep you see is pretty much pristine.  Just before you reach the exit be sure to get the officious-looking guy standing like a tree to take a photo of you, the wife and the kiddies.  Don’t worry – this ain’t Bali or Goa, so no need fret over how much to tip the guy; give him nothing but thanks.

Riding the Nagano, Chuo and Meishin expressways back home, the thing we noticed most of all was the transport trucks everywhere, indicative of a still floating world economy.

Even though the ride back was in heavy rain we noticed many of the truck drivers drove insanely fast and insisted on tailgating.  It’s a miracle more traffic accidents don’t occur.

Just below the surface of Japan’s seemingly peaceful exterior lies an aggressive beast.  The nation’s roads, especially its toll highways, are great places to observe what I mean.

So did Japanese forces kill 300,000 innocents in Nanking during the “rape” of that city?


It’s still legal to question that number, as many Japanese do.  You don’t have to worry about being Ernst Zundeled if you don’t believe what your kosher media says.

That said, the aggressive driving of many Japanese indicates these people are just that, people, subject to the same emotions like everyone else.   So who knows, maybe Japan really did rape Nanking in the way the late Iris Chang says.

Speaking of rape, why do Amerikans tolerate their leaders who rape and sodomize them all the time?  The so-called presidential debates are a slightly upmarket All-Star Wrestling match.  It doesn’t matter who is erected.   Israel owns Mittens and Israel owns Barry.

I pick on Amerika, as you know, because it is Earth’s most pretentious cuntry.  It could be a paradise where everyone who worked could live in their own home and go on a world cruise if she so chose.  It could be a land that promoted health and happiness instead of sickness, obesity and depravity, starting with that hepatitis B shot at birth.

The biggest question going through the channels of this blogger of late is “If we fought WWII for freedom from tyranny then why is it that the leader of the so-called free world is such a monstrous tyranny today fighting wars constantly for Israel?”

What happens in the Usurious Soviets of Amerika is very much the template for what happens elsewhere, such as my home, Japan.   The Mossad carried out 9-11 yet we all buy the lie Arab cavemen and Arab boxcutters did it.  We have ongoing wars, of which Japan plays a role, in reaction to the lie Arabs did it.  Any thinking person knows it’s all a stage-managed Ed Bernays psy-0ps designed to keep the cattle duped and in a state of constant fear-based mind control, benefiting the bankers who run the whole show and their immediate lackeys, the arms industry, starring Lockheed Martin and the Crown-controlled General Dynamics.

Hepatitis B vaccines at birth, male genital mutilation at 8 days young (pray your mohel ain’t sporting a cold sore), then more vaccines, the genocidal HIV/AIDS fraud, the ADD/ADHD fraud, the prison industry, the fake wars on drugs and terror, the banksters making the money outta nothing and charging interest on it, the outrageous income differentials everywhere on this planet free of “NAZI tyranny”, the chemtrailing of our skies, the criminalizing of hemp, our oceans as toxic waste dumps, the insane accumulation of nuclear waste, the degeneracy of pop culture…you name it – darkness everywhere aside from looking directly at the Sun of God.

Could it be we were the bad guys of WWII?

Ah man, what the fuck are you saying!?  If Hitler won the war the world would be infinitely worse than it is now.

After all these years of conspiracy research, however, I’ve finally understood that our Jewish consciousness engineers lie most about Adolf Hitler.

Dude, you’re sick.  Haven’t you seen those photos of piles of dead Jews?

Jews weren’t the only people in those camps and the main reason for the deaths from starvation and typhus was because of Allied bombing of German infrastructure and hence the supply lines to the camps were destroyed.  Truth can stand on its own.  European Holocaust Denial Laws force one to wonder what the Holocaust Industry is hiding.

You can doubt Europeans genocided tens of millions of the natives of the Americas from the time of Columbus.   You can say it’s a lie that Australian Aboriginals were classified as Fauna until 1967.  You can deny the Holodomor and the ethnicity of its conductor, Kaganovich, and be on your merry way.   You can deny God created the world in 4004 BC, but merely questioning the details of the Holocaust will land you in jail in Europe and a few other places such as the People’s Republic of Canuckistan.   Why?

Because he who controls the money supply controls everything else, including that mind you think is yours.

This Atlantic piece about Goldman Sachs has many interesting comments attached.  One such is this

I am Jew, and would like to leave this idea here: Jewish Bankers steal every dime they can get their hands on in a system that they created to scam the corrupt Crown Heads of Europe. Jewish Bankers leave the countries they have plundered, when anti semitism reaches the fevered pitch. The Jewish Bankers set their own people (the Jews) up to take the brunt of the anger and rage and violence that always follows their disgusting thievery. They use their own as collateral damage and then they cry anti-semitism. I think every banker should be excommunicated from our people. We, the Jews are at the mercy of the worst element among us, and we should cast it out. All Jewish Bankers need ex-communication from Judaism in a big hurry, in a public setting where we, their real victims (their own families)can get first crack at these bastards. Let the world behold what the anti-semitism of Jews against Jews looks like. Right now, the bankers and Aipac keep all dissenting jews quiet and threatened as they unleash their disgusting scam. This time, though, many of us dare to speak the unspeakable truth–jewish bankers always get the jewish working people killed. its class warfare within a tribe/ethnicity. The Jews should stick together LESS!

from “becky”.   Perhaps it’s just some Bic Pen fairy tale – who knows.  Ever hear what Yoav Shamir’s adorable granny says (from 03:00)

I could go on and on blaming the Jews for this that and everything else.  At the end of the day, though, it’s a counterproductive exercise that leads many into depression.  The ones doing it, moreover, are few in number and highly divided.  Most of the goyim could care less that they vote their oppressors into power every four years, or whatever the case is in your country.  There seems to be a stupid gene in many of us that makes the Stockholm Syndrome de rigueur.   The US Presidential race is a sports event like the World Series or the Super Bowl.  No matter what your team does, all that matters is that your man or woman is elected.   Idiocy is boundless in Amerika.

So what do you do?

Lately I’ve been listening the long rants of the Celtic Rebel.  He covers all the subjects this blogger has considered over the years.  He rips apart almost everyone in the so-called alternative media, above all, Alex Jones, fear-monger extraordinaire.   Fear Porn he calls it is an epidemic in the pseudo truth movement.  Charlie McGrath is a text-book example along with Jones.  The end is nigh.  The end is nigh.   Collapse of the dollar.  The controlled demolition of the world economy is around the corner.  Stock up on food -NOW!

Yet when is that collapse coming?  Besides, the dollar has already collapsed, especially since 1971 when Nixon severed the dollar from gold (not promoting the evil gold standard, Ezra).

Celtic Rebel speculates that instead of a collapse materializing the day after the end of the world (December 21st of this year) we could instead experience another reflation wherein people have money again to buy all the Buffalo wing specials they want.  Yeah, the world is fucking dark and many are suffering but it could be a whole lot worse than it already is.  So why not rightfully reject the boring Charlie McGraths of the world and get on with life?

Besides, if you hate what the Jews (the elite of that group that is) do to you, why do you support the Meat is Murder industry?   Just as Goldman Sachs fucks the factory cattle of the world we ordinary dicks of the world participate in the holocaust of feathered two-legged and four-legged sentient beings, beings just like you and me.

The Rebel is probably right.  The world economy is not going to collapse into McGrath’s wet dream.  The bankers know what they are doing and reflation is coming in order to reinforce their control over us.  The bulk of us will remain stupid, the Lloyd Blankfiends of the world will continue doing what they do and some of us will blame the Jews for all the ills of the world once again and nothing will get done about it.  When the next Golden Age appears is anyone’s guess.

The Abundance of Nature rumbles loudly in autumn.  There is food aplenty everywhere, or at least there should be.  It is a time to celebrate the magnificence of life.   And beneath the general stupidity of humanity is a core of wisdom and knowhow that one day could form the basis of Pound’s true basis of credit instead of the system now in place where the Jewish bankers lend to everyone and borrow from none.  That happy day is still a long way away and so in the meantime the best we can do is to count our still many blessings.

断崖絶壁!西穂高~ジャンダルム~奥穂高~大キレット~槍ヶ岳縦走 2011

If you’re into hiking/climbing in Japan’s North Alps (Kamikochi area) you might like this.